PIA to take major steps during second wave of COVID-19

Lahore, 20th November: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken important steps to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Baaghi TV: The PIA has taken steps to deal with the second wave of coronavirus by cutting off food supplies on domestic flights.

According to a PIA spokesperson, the food menu provided to the passengers has also been changed.

Hot drinks will be prohibited on all flights. The passengers will be served cold drinks on the flight. PIA CEO Arshad Malik approved the immediate change.

The spokesman said the national airline decided to offer snacks, club sandwiches, chicken patties, banana and muffin for the Saudi Arabian sector, but not coffee or tea.

Club sandwiches, chicken patties, banana and biscuits will be served on the return flight from the Saudi sector. Only light snacks will be served on flights to Kabul and Gulf countries. Changes to the foodservice have been made as a precautionary measure to reduce contact between passengers and crew members.

It should be noted that the number of coronavirus patients is increasing all over the world including Pakistan. The number of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide has reached 57,239,606, while the death toll from this deadly virus has risen to 1,365,695.

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