PIA Wins Reko Diq Case in International Court

By the grace of Allah and the prayers of patriotic Pakistanis, justice has prevailed.

CEO PIA took to Twitter to Announce PIA’s greatest achievement of winning Reko Diq case in International Court of Justice British Virgin Islands.

CEO Arshad Malik says this great achievement was due to the tireless work of the PIA legal team, the Federal Minister for Law, the Attorney General of Pakistan and sincere institutions.

He further said that valuable assets of PIA have been secured which is a great victory for Pakistanis.

PIA has got back his ownership of Roosevelt Hotel in New York and Scribe. The Hotel in France is also recovered.

He added that no power in the world can stop this country from progressing and succeeding. We should continue to work with the same spirit and joint efforts under the selfless leadership.