PIA’s leased aircrafts taken out of the fleet?

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has put its leased aircrafts out of fleet. 

The ATR-72 aircraft, in terms of PIA operations and cost, were unfavorable and unprofitable. The aircraft was leased in 2015 which, according to the current market was very expensive. However, the long-term lease agreement was an obstacle to the return of these aircraft.

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During COVID-19 outbreak, at the direction of the CEO, PIA took advantage of a special clause of the agreement. The first AP-BKY flight left Karachi in the morning for Johannesburg, South Africa.

“In the current situation, the decision was difficult but inevitable”, said CEO PIA. However, the PIA team made the move possible through successful negotiations, for which they are to be commended, he added.

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“PIA is on track to modernize its fleet”, CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik. PIA will continue to operate profitable ETRs from small airports, he stated.

“Government-led new aircraft to join PIA fleet soon to improve our product. Modern aircraft was the wish of our guests which will be fulfilled soon” Air Marshal Arshad Malik.

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