PIA’s PK-306 Landed Back in Karachi After Disagreeing Airspeed

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft flight number PK-306 landed back at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, few minutes after taking off due to some technical problems.

According to the details, PIA Flight # PK-306, which was scheduled to depart on August 12, 2021 at 07:15 pm (PST) from Karachi to Lahore landed back at the Jinnah International Airport after unreliable airspeed indications.

Sources reveal that PIA’s Airbus A320-200, registration AP-BLU, was climbing out of Karachi’s runway 25L when the crew stopped the climb at about 4000 feet reporting their airspeed indications disagreed. The aircraft returned to Karachi for a safe landing on runway 25L about 16 minutes after departure.

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As a result, PIA’s Lahore-bound flight was performed with a replacement Airbus A320-200 registration AP-BLS which took off for Lahore around 10:00 pm (PST) on August 12, 2021, with a delay of 2:45 hours. It is to be noted that with due to unreliable airspeed, it is really difficult to manoeuvre the aircraft, as it needs to be flown with pitch and thrust settings without an autopilot, which can eventually be life threatening as well.

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Baaghi TV has tried to make contact with the PIA captain, however, he is not responding which is a clear sign for not disclosing the incident.

It is pertinent to mention here that accidents and incidents have highlighted the risk associated with unreliable airspeed events. These events are normally transient in nature and can cause multiple, seemingly unrelated warnings and failures. According to a study, 44 of the 55 reported cases of unreliable airspeed at takeoff were due to obstruction of the Pitot tube. A pitot tube, also known as pitot probe, is used on airplanes to measure flow speed.They are used on aircraft as speedometers.

PIA PK-306: Pilot risking the precious lives of passengers

Earlier, on June 30, 2021, the same PIA flight PK-306 entered into the Indian airspace. According to the details, PIA’s PK-306 took off from Karachi but due to bad weather conditions was instructed by the air traffic control (ATC) to land in Islamabad instead of Lahore. However, Captain Babar, who was the pilot, entered fifteen (15) miles into the Indian airspace.

Luckily, the Indian Defence System was inactive at the time of this air intrusion, otherwise, it could have caused a huge disaster. Baaghi TV was the first one to report this airspace violation after confirming from within the airline and PIA sources as well.

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