Pilots unemployed following statement of Aviation Minister

Hobby is of no value, Pakistani pilots unemployed due to the statement of the serving Aviation Minister.

According to reports, Vietnam Airlines has fired Pakistani pilots and all Pakistani staff. Reportedly, 37 pilots and 250 other employees have lost their jobs, following a statement by the current Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar.

Meanwhile, Emirates airline has decided to lay off 150 Pakistani pilots and other staff. Turkey, Pakistan’s only friend, has reportedly removed Pakistani pilots, and surprisingly, also removed pilots and crew from working on their F16.

Moreover, a similar reaction is expected to be received from other airlines around the world, as the European Union (EU) has banned PIA. The United Nations (UN) has also banned its staff from chartering, traveling via PIA.

All this is the result of a passion for blaming. Accuse, and exaggerate … not millions and billions, but of hundreds of billions. Following the same policy, a long list of pilots with fake licenses was reportedly compiled following a statement by the Aviation Minister. Even the names of pilots who have US and European licenses were added in the list. The list also includes some fake names with fake license numbers to make breaking news and propagate it against previous governments.

According to reports, the minister was sure that he would get compliments from Prime Minister, Imran Khan but, he did not know that a pilot’s license is valid for only 6 months, and every 6 months a new test is given and the license is renewed. In other words, the present government itself has renewed these pilots 4 times. As a result, the hobby has been fulfilled, but PIA has been closed down. In addition to the pilots, thousands of other people have lost their jobs. After all, hobbies are worthless.

It is to be noted that, today the government has also issued an order for dismissal of nearly 600 employees of PTDC so that the steel mill owners do not feel lonely.

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