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PIMS to Continue Offering Free Patient Care Services: Spokesman

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ISLAMABAD, Dec 12 (APP): The ministry of National Health Services on Saturday clarified that there be completely free medical services at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to incoming patients even after the implementation of Medical Teaching Institutions (MTI).

Contradicting the false information about MTI, the spokesman of the ministry said that the patient care service would further improve in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences with the implementation of Medical Teaching Institutions while the MTI would also protect the rights of hospital’s workers. He said that the government would ensure provision of quality medical services to people at hospitals and innovative steps were being taken in that regard.

He said that the ministry had started reformation in health sector on the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to make improvements in the sector. He said that the work had been started to implement MTI in Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences (PIMS) and in this regard the first meeting of Board of Governors was held at the hospital during which Dr Hamayun Mohmund had been elected as chairman of the board. The spokesman dispelled the impression that the fees at hospitals would increase with the implementation of MTI.

He added MTI was being implemented for ensuring better services for general public. He said that the performance of hospitals would improve with MTI and people would get better health services at the public hospitals. He added all deserving and poor patients would be able to receive quality services. He said that the MTI would be applicable only on those employees who would join it while those employees who would not join it would continue to work as civil servants. He said that better future opportunities would be available for hospital staff with the system.

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