Planted news and Journalist expressions

Much has been written and taught on journalism. Now there are new dimensions in journalism. The newspaper publishes a lot on a daily basis. Sources include news, crime, court, police, education, etc. Journalists have membership in the Press Club. If a person does a government job, he cannot be called a journalist. Or if a person works as a journalist and gets a government job, he loses the privileges of a journalist and his membership is terminated.

Now there are YouTubers, social media activists who consider themselves journalists. There is a debate going on as to whether they are journalists or not. Some great journalists put them in the category of a journalist, but some refuse to consider them a journalist. Some YouTubers have so many followers that the country’s top journalists are afraid of them. A few days ago, an incident took place in which journalists and some famous YouTubers were invited to Gwadar. When the big journalists came face to face with YouTubers, they felt humiliated that the government has put us all in the same category. And so the mischief was created.

Journalists giving lectures on ethics and tolerance to the entire nation while sitting on mainstream media in Gwadar killed a young YouTube. These are the journalists who consider themselves great journalists. And sitting on the lap of politicians and rulers, they all speak their language and they have a big role in advancing government policies because they are experts in straightening their owls. So many news items are the adornment of a newspaper, but some people may not know the source of the news and why it is run. This news is called Planted News.

When government agencies want to create a public opinion and they need the media for this, then the government officials give the task to their activists that we have to make a decision for which news the newspapers intend to run. That is to set an agenda. For which the big journalists are then invited to lunch and after the briefing, they are given some lines and papers that they need news on whether it is four-columns or three-columns. And our journalist brothers are happy to do it. These journalists may agree with them for some concessions and at the same time take a picture of a meeting with such and such, so that later there will be a certificate. Then the next day the newspaper adorns. No matter how great these journalists are, people know them. They do not meet the definition of journalism because there is no planted news. News is what the reporter makes himself and gives to the organization after seeing all the accessories.

Now it comes to how to recognize planted news. So let’s make it easy. I can give an example here, but if the names of the occupants come up, leave it alone. The news that gets big headlines and big three or four columns in a few big newspapers is called Planted News which does not happen every day but is published one and a half times a month. After a while, a law is made or a decision is made according to it. Like the news that is coming nowadays regarding universities is all planted news. There are problems in the universities but not as much as the government is engaged in operations against the universities. Every day some university is targeted and then the news is spread against it through various means so that a public opinion is smooth and then action is taken against these universities.

If you take a look at the newspapers from Peshawar a couple of months ago which have news about universities and they have been put under a special agenda, you will know that these are all planted news tricks. Rape cases, campaigns against clerics on social media, news on security forces, various articles, and news on Afghanistan are being published regularly.

All of us have to play a responsible part of our own for the betterment of society.

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