Plastic bags to be completely banned in Islamabad from August 14: Zartaj Gul

Lahore (18th June, 2019): Zartaj Gul Minister of State for Climate Change has stated that plastic bags will be completely banned in Islamabad from August 14.

‘Pakistan is the 7th country in the world,’ She said, ‘which is being affected by climate change.’
Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided and wants to implement special steps to control the impacts of climate change, She said.

While addressing a press conference in the private chambers of a local hotel of Islamabad on Monday, Zartaj Gul said that Islamabad will be the first city in the world where plastic bags and their making will be completely banned  from August 14.

She said government wanted to start and has started a billion Tree Tsunami project to cope with such natural disasters like heat waves, floods etc.

She said government has also taken the initiative of clean and green Pakistan and now we are expecting that positive headway will be made in the measures taken with regard to climate change.

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