Please Do Not be Entertained By The Lies: George Floyd Family

America is Watching; The World is Watching

29th March 2021: The brothers of George Floyd spoke to the media as part of a press conference aired live from Minneapolis and shown on Al-Jazeera English.

One of his brothers said that George Floyd came from Houston, Texas, as did they all, and he came here to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in order to make it big.

“Minnesota has so much to offer and he had such great things going and he was doing so well, but unfortunately, Mr Chauvin… Well you all saw the video… you know what happened.”

“Please do not be entertained by the lies they will tell you. He was killed. I leave it at that…”


Another brother said the State of Minnesota will have to make the right decision. It can’t brush this under the rug.

“We won’t allow Chauvin and his crew to be judge, prosecutor, and execution. If we can’t get justice here in America this is bad for justice elsewhere. This is a starting point, not an ending point. After justice is done in America, it shall be sought everywhere: Brazil, London, Ghana… We will go around the world until this kind of tragedy stops happening.”

“America is watching. The world is watching. It is all on live TV. Just like everyone saw the video where he was killed. One would have to be blind not to have seen it”, he concluded.

Floyd’s nephew said if it’s a hard case then there are two justice systems in America: one for the whites and one for the blacks.

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