PM accords approval to launch Tiger Force App

ISLAMABAD, July 01 (Online Int’l): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, has called on Imran Khan in the PM house and exchanged views on launching an application developed for the Tiger Force and the prevailing political situation of the country.

According approval to launch the application all over the country the PM called for a report on the members of assembly who are working with the Tiger Force actively.

Patronage of the young volunteers by the elected representatives of the people is imperative, the PM held. The Tiger Force is becoming a valuable asset of the country, he added.

Later Usman Dar said in a statement that the PM has decided to extend the scope of services of the Tiger Force. It has also been decided to use digital technology for the Tiger Force, which will be monitored at district, union council and ward level. The Application will also help to ease the process of implementation of the smart lock down. It will help identify the hot spots of corona virus epidemic immediately. Captain and vice captains will also be nominated in Tiger force teams, he pointed out.

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