PM Considers Agriculture as Central to Economic Growth, Claims Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, serving as Adviser to PM on Finance and Revenue, has stated that the Prime Minister considers agriculture to be main pivot to economic growth. 

According to sources, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Adviser to PM on Finance and Revenue, has stated that the government is focusing on the agricultural sector by means of allocating huge funds for its growth. He has continued to say that PM Khan considers it central to economic growth for the state. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh discussed this with officials from APTMA, PCGA, Kissan Ittehad and other stake holders, respectively, while discussing ways to ensure competitive prices for the cotton farmers’ produce.

He added, that the government has approved projects worth Rs. 250 billion to help uplift the agriculture sector with focus on improving crop productivity as well as the means and resources for better farming. According to sources, Dr. Hafeez Sheikh has further stated that the government is aware of the difficulties being faced by the cotton growers, adding that the government is “actively considering various options” to come up with “an arrangement which addresses the concerns of cotton growers”.

Moreover, as reported by sources, the Adviser to PM has asked stakeholders to include FBR officials and the Commerce Ministry to discuss the issues and come up with “realistic proposals” so that the government may take a decision to address the concerns.

Agriculture main engine of economic growth, says Hafeez Shaikh

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