PM decides to raise blasphemy issues on global forum

Islamabad: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has decided to take up the issue of blasphemous sketches in the international forum.

According to sources, the Prime Minister will write separate letters to the heads of all Muslim countries to unite and show solidarity on the issue of blasphemous sketches.

Sources said that the PM also briefed his fellow ministers in the cabinet meeting about the letter and said that insulting the honor of the Holy Prophet in the name of freedom of expression is not tolerated at all. It is learnt that the letter would address the sensitivity of the issue and hurt the feelings of the Muslim Ummah.

According to sources, the federal government also considered celebrating Ishq-e-Rasool week across the country and the Ministry of Religious Affairs suggested celebrating Ishq-e-Rasool week in the cabinet meeting. Furthermore, the PM directed the Ministry of Religious Affairs to prepare a final plan for Ishq-e-Rasool Saturday.

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It is believed that after the publication of government-sponsored blasphemous sketches in France and then the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron in its favor, a series of protests against France has started and a campaign to boycott French goods is underway in Muslim countries. Is.

Pakistan has also strongly condemned the move of France and a resolution condemning it was passed by the parliament yesterday while Pakistan had also summoned the French ambassador and recorded the protest.

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