PM: Delhi rape capital made because of Indian films

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said, “Delhi became rape capital because of Indian films, I want to save my generations from it.”

He cited mobile phones as a major reason for the rise in rape cases:

“It is a great shame that sex crimes are on the rise in Pakistan. We need an intellectual revolution for society.”

Addressing a function in Islamabad, the PM said that there is an onslaught of social media on the youth. He also mentioned that scholars have a great responsibility for the better future of the young generation.

It was also stated by Mr. Khan:

“I have seen the Western socialization very closely. Scholars protect the ideology of a nation. Decreasing the importance of intellectuals leads to decline of civilization. Scholars lose their way and harm the society. It is a pity that our people do not even know the history of Islam.”

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Youth and children are under attack due to social media, today a child has such content in his mobile phone, both money and positive, so everyone has a big responsibility to educate the young generation. Imran Khan also claimed that closing a site with negative content brings up another site the next day. We can’t stop it but we can train them on how to deal with it. Child sex crimes are on the rise in Pakistan, it is a shame that sex crimes are on the rise.

The PM said that when you do not call evil evil but accept it, the nation dies.

“If I shake hands with the Leader of the Opposition, it is tantamount to confession to the fact that corruption is not a bad thing.”

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