PM Imran Khan Expresses Pain over Loss of Lives in Beirut Blasts

ISLAMABAD, August 5 (Online Int’l): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday has expressed deep pain over massive explosions in Beirut that have claimed more than 100 lives and left several injured.

According to media reports the  PM tweeted that, “We stand in solidarity with our Lebanese brethren in their difficult hour, sharing their sorrow and grief.”

“May Allah grant speedy recovery to the injured and strength to the bereaved families”, he prayed.

The reaction came after two enormous explosions devastated Beirut’s port on Tuesday, leaving over 100 people dead and thousands injured, shaking distant buildings and spreading panic and chaos across the Lebanese capital. The second blast sent an enormous orange fireball into the sky, immediately followed by a tornado-like shockwave that flattened the port and swept the city, shattering windows kilometres (miles) away.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that 2,750 tonnes of the agricultural fertiliser ammonium nitrate that had been stored for years in a portside warehouse had blown up, sparking “a disaster in every sense of the word.”

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