PM Imran Khan quotes Quranic verse in letter to American journalist

Sept 22, 2021: In a letter written in reply letter to an American journalist Glenn Beck, Prime Minister Imran Khan quoted Quranic verses.

PM Imran Khan in his reply letter to American journalist Glenn Beck, said that it is in the Qur’an that he who saved the life of a human being saved all humanity. The Prime Minister said this to drive home the importance of providing humanitarian assistance and aid where it is required.

According to private news TV channel, in the text of the letter, the Prime Minister wrote, “I am writing you a reply letter of thanks. “Your ideas are the best representation of our beliefs. Your ideas reflect the ideology of humanity and compassion.”

PM Imran Khan further wrote: “It is in the Qur’an that he who saved the life of one man saved the whole of humanity. Let those who are relying on us feel safe from our actions. The government will do its best to provide you with humanitarian assistance.”

The Prime Minister wrote, “We will try our best to reach the new Taliban government. Once again, I assure you that my office will come to your aid immediately.”

It may be recalled that American journalist Glenn Beck had written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, while paying tribute to the wise leadership of Prime Minister.

The letter said that Imran Khan helped in the foreign withdrawal from Afghanistan at a time when human lives were in real danger of death.

According to reports, Blaise Media CEO Glenn Beck said that Imran Khan’s leadership role in the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and the cooperation of Pakistan’s forces cannot be ignored.

The American journalist had said that we had asked for help from many countries and leaders in Afghanistan but got no response. Prime Minister Imran Khan kindly gave us immediate time and did not even question our purpose. Pakistan’s leadership initiated a quick evacuation without discriminating on basis of race and culture.

Glenn Beck said that with the help of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, three planes were able to fly from the Taliban-controlled Mazar-e-Sharif, rescuing about a thousand people, most of them Americans.

He said the evacuation of FIFA members, football team and Afghan women was possible only due to the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Imran Khan’s efforts and the support of Pakistan’s armed forces to adhere to the Taliban agreement.

The American journalist says that the media centers criticizing Imran Khan may have their own agenda, but in order to save human lives, the whole world has to recognize the leading role of PM Imran Khan, we can’t forget this moment.

The US journalist said that the cooperation of Prime Minister Imran Khan enabled the US and its allies to fulfill their promises, the details of which he said he will tell in his program. He also said in the next few days, the stories of many such people will also come to light whose lives have been saved thanks to the quick humanitarian response by PM Imran Khan.

On the other hand, the letter with references to Quranic verses are currently circulating in American society, American media and important circles.

Sources claimed that Pakistanis living in the US and other parts of the world have expressed happiness over PM Imran Khan’s letter and said that thanks to Allah, there is such a leadership in our beloved country Pakistan at present.

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