PM Khan cautioned that we have to live with the coronavirus

Lahore, 15th May: Prime Minister Imran Khan has cautioned the people of Pakistan that the coronavirus will stay with us and we have to live with the virus.

According to Baaghi TV, PM Khan told a media briefing in Islamabad, “We have to deal with the virus until the vaccine is ready.”

“We know that corona spreads rapidly due to the rush of people while softening the lockdown will increase the spread of the coronavirus, but our people cannot afford further lockdown,” he said.

PM Imran Khan said that we have to live with this virus until the vaccine comes. The virus will not be controlled, experts around the world are saying that there is no chance of making a vaccine this year.

No business will be opened under SOPs, the people will have to take responsibility. The success of easing sanctions will depend on the self-discipline of the people.

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He said that if more lockdowns were carried out, people would start starving to death. “Can we close the business?” He asked. Poverty in European countries is not the same as in Pakistan.

We have a working-class and daily wage earner in our country. 150 million Pakistanis have been affected by the lockdown.

He said that the decision to open the lockdown was a concern of the medical staff that the pressure on hospitals will increase.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appeals that people should follow the SOPs as we are slowly lifting the lockdown. If the cases increase, then the government will have to lock down these areas again.

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