PM Khan Inaugurates Ehsaas Educational Scholarship Program

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that a country’s biggest asset is its people and when they are not educated, not only will that asset go to waste but it is also cruel and unjust against them. 

Addressing the inaugural function of the Ehsas Educational Scholarship Program, he said that there are two main aspects of the program they have launched, one of which is to provide basic education to the 20 million out-of-school children in the country.

The Prime Minister said that the program was proposing a solution to increasing the attendance rate in classrooms, a problem that plagues poor families. Those families would be given compensation and benefits in return for sending their children to school.

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The Prime Minister further said that most of the out-of-school children were girls, which needed to be addressed immediately. 

“An educated woman benefits society more than a man because she educates her children, changes the home system, and has a great impact on society for the health and better care of children at home,” he said.

He said that a higher incentive will be given to girls in the Ehsas program, with the education stipend for boys being Rs. 1,500 and for girls being Rs. 2,000.

“There is an impression in western countries that we don’t want our daughters educated. I have been to all parts of Pakistan. Hardly anyone has seen Pakistan as I have seen it,” he said. “There is no area where parents do not want their daughters to be educated.”

The Prime Minister said that there are various problems in girls’ education, sometimes distance, sometimes no teachers, but it is the government’s responsibility to provide facilities.

Under the Ehsas Educational Scholarship Program, children from poor and needy families of the society will be given scholarships for primary, secondary, and higher secondary education. The program will be launched in all the districts of the country.

According to details, the program will offer Rs. 1,500 for primary school boys and Rs. 2,000 for girls.

Secondary school boys will get Rs. 2,500 and girls Rs. 3,000, and the higher secondary boys will get Rs 3,500 and girls Rs 4,000 quarterly. The scholarships will be given through biometric system to mothers of children with 70% school attendance. 

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