PM Khan to deliver keynote address

According to a report by Baaghi TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the Tiger Force at the Islamabad Convention Center today and will formally inaugurate the portal.

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The Tiger Force Convention will be held in Islamabad today, to which Prime Minister Imran Khan will deliver a special address. All preparations were completed at the convention center. Screens have been set up inside and outside the convention center for the Prime Minister’s address.

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From all over Pakistan, the Tigers are arriving today to attend the convention. Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Tiger Force Portal at the Convention Center. The portal will identify the Tiger Force, and the government will take action. In his address, the Prime Minister will outline the future course of action for the Tiger Force, while talking about inflation and hoarding.

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Usman Dar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, said during a visit to the Convention Center that digital governance for educated youth is about to begin. The responsibility that will be given to the national heroes will be fulfilled.

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Usman Dar had said that registration for Tiger Force would be reopened. The Prime Minister said that young people are a valuable asset to the country. The first successful youth program in the form of a youth employment program was launched, now the Tiger Force is being involved in government decision making.

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