PM Khan’s Special message on Eid

Islamabad, 24th May: Prime Minister Imran Khan shares a very important message on Eid for Pakistanis, and not forgetting our Kashmiri brethren, shows solidarity with them on this special day.

PM Khan says that he wants his people to celebrate this Eid not in a traditional way. With the special congratulatory message and best wishes on the occasion, PM salutes the people of Kashmir for facing the ongoing barbarism of the occupying Indian forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir with great courage and fortitude and persevered as a mountain of patience and perseverance during the inhuman siege.

Tweeting on social networking site Twitter, the Prime Minister stands firm with the Kashmiris in their battle against the atrocities.

The Prime Minister further wrote that first of all we should pray for the families whose loved ones were separated from them in the plane crash or separated as a result of the deadly Pandemic.

He tweeted “I want our nation to observe this Eid in a different manner from the usual celebratory style. First, let us think of & pray for all those families who have been deprived of their loved ones by the plane crash tragedy & all those who have lost their lives to COVID19.”

Pakistan to celebrate Eid tomorrow

Prime Minister Imran Khan went on saying that each of us should take full care of the special measures during Eid against COVID-19.

“Second, everyone must remember to observe the SOPs in place for COVID19. The disease is with us & social distancing must be strictly observed throughout the Eid holidays, including during Eid prayers. May Allah bless our nation.”

The Prime Minister stressed the need for social distancing during Eid and keeping safe and healthy.

Baaghi TV also wishes everyone a safe and healthy Eid. Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for all the latest news and updates!



PM Khan cautioned that we have to live with the coronavirus