PM Likely to Reject Proposal for Raising Petrol Prices

Islamabad: The Prime Minister is likely to reject the proposal to raise the prices of petroleum goods. According to reports, there is a proposal for raising prices of petrol up to Rs 25.58 from the federal government. The proposal is to raise petrol prices in July.

According to sources the proposed raise in Diesel Prices is Rs 21.31, Rs 23.50 for kerosene oil, and Rs 17.34 has been recommended for Light Diesel.

The new proposed price for petrol is Rs 100.10m Rs 101.46 for diesel, Rs 59 for kerosene oil, and Rs 55.98 for light diesel oil.

Reports say that the summary has been generated for the rise but the decision is yet to be taken.

It should be noted that petroleum prices had globally hit an all-time low due to the low demand caused by the corona pandemic. That was why a big reduction had been made in petroleum prices in Pakistan as well.

Reports also say that the Prime Minister will refuse such a huge raise and if there is a raise it will be much less.

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