PM should take parliament into confidence on his US visit : JI

Lahore, 16th July:  Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Senator Siraj-ul- Haq has said that neither the agenda of the Prime Minister’s US visit had been made public nor the Parliament had been taken into confidence in this respect. 
He was addressing the central leadership of the JI at Mansoora. He said that the government had pushed the country’s politics into a blind alley which showed its failure. He said that instead of adopting suitable steps to improve the economy, the government was always ready for confrontation.   He said that the masses had not staged any big protest as yet but the rulers had lost their nerves.
He said that government was importing economic, educational and health policies from abroad while heavy taxes had been levied on exports which were bound to curtail the exports.
The JI chief said unfortunately, the rulers were deaf and dumb to the cries of the poor masses but they were promptly implementing the IMF directives. It was an irony, he said, that the rulers were knocking at the IMF door although the Fund had declared that it had no solution for the economic problems of this country.  He further said that the government had not made public its agreement with the IMF.  .
He said that during one year, there had been eighteen serious railway accidents in which many precious lives had been lost but there was no system of accountability nor anyone had accepted the responsibility.
Siraj said that the JI Awami marches in Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Faisalabad had been a great success, and expressed the hope that its next Awami march in Rawalpindi on July 19 would also be draw large crowds.

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