PMC to use digital system for assembling critical data

ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP): Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has planned to create a completely digital environment to ensure efficient regulatory operations and assembling critical data of the educational and professional sector.

According to an official of PMC, 24-hour helpline and customer service facility has been organized which will be operational soon to provide all students and doctors a toll free number.

He added this facility will help doctors and students to have their queries answered including update of status of their pending applications if any.

He said that the new web site of the commission has made functional on an urgent basis and is fully functional.

An email has been functional and all students and doctors have been asked to send their queries and applications on the same which are being responded to on a daily and immediate basis.

He said that the IT networking system has been enabled in PMC providing internet and connectivity on an immediate basis while further requirements for the complete digitalization of PMC is being processed and will be undertaken on an expedited basis to enable students and doctors to process their applications online and efficiently.

He said that the process of new student registration and the issuance of provisional licenses to students about to graduate has been overhauled and simplified doing away with unnecessary repetitive documentations previously demanded from students and verification of their being admitted to college or having graduated from university being procured and verified directly from the relevant colleges and universities.

He said that new forms for registration of fresh students and for grant of provisional licenses are being sent to the colleges and universities in the coming week and provided to students online.

He said that for further ease of students, online collection accounts have been opened with National Bank of Pakistan so as to allow students to deposit their necessary fees at any NBP branch across Pakistan rather than having to undertake the cumbersome process of preparing bank drafts etc.

He said that online verification services from NADRA have been arranged to enable immediate verification of credentials by the commission in order to easing the burden on students and doctors who had to obtain these verifications themselves in the past.

He said that similar arrangements are being discussed with international regulators to put in place verification and communications systems which are operated on an immediate and efficient basis easing the time delay in processing applications of doctors and students who were seeking admission or work abroad.

He said that the annual fee for MBBS and BDS programs will be Rs 950,000 as per the previous regulations.

He added any student who has a complaint in this regard may contact the Admissions Board immediately through an email:

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