PMD Announces Expected Monsoon Date in Pakistan

Met office has announced that the monsoon season in Pakistan is likely to begin at the end of this month.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued the monsoon date to be around 27-30 June. 

Monsoon season is expected to last till September. During the rainfall, Northern Baluchistan, Punjab and Kashmir will face heavier rain than normal.

According to the weather department, Karachi will also face heavier rainfall this season.

PMD has issued warnings of flash flooding in hill torrents of AJK, KPK, Punjab. Urban flooding is also expected in areas of Sindh, Punjab and KPK during monsoon.

High temperatures in high altitudes are expected to increase rate of snowmelt in the Northern Areas which will increase the chances of base flow in the Upper Indus basin. Due to which sufficient water will be available for power sectors and Irrigation in Northern Areas.