PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali spotted fighting in a London restaurant

Lahore, 21st July: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leader Abid Sher Ali was spotted having an extremely abusive fight in a London restaurant.

According to details, PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali was caught on camera having an abusive argument in a restaurant in London, UK.

God knows when will we learn to be civilized. It seems we have lost the patience and basic sense as well. Here in our country we are so used to preferential treatment that old habits die hard and we try to exhibit similar behavior in other civilized places as well.

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In the video released on social media, both parties can be seen swearing, cursing and using derogatory language. Two different views have been given in an effort to justify the poor display of social behavior and responsibility.

Abid Sher Ali and Salman Shehbaz blame the other party for instigating them by calling them thieves and enjoying in a foreign country after looting taxpayers’ money. Whereas the other party claims Abid Sher Ali jumped the queue and became abusive when made realized.

Watch the full video here:

Now, this has become a fashion that people start blaming and shouting at celebrities and politicians, and then film it to show the world that how upright and brave they can be.

But is it just and right to encroach on someone’s privacy and be publically ridiculed?

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Responsibility is on the politician as well to behave in a nobel manner. If you have escaped the judicial system in Pakistan but the fact is you still bear Pakistani Nationality and are considered a Pakistani.

Such derogatory actions bring a bad reputation for the whole nation and on an international level make us look small.

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