PMNH Offers Unique Scientific Knowledge on Past Organisms


ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 (APP): The Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) has a wide range of scientific research items for analysis on past-time living organisms.

According to a report of the PMNH, these items represent the natural history of Pakistan through the ages in an excellent manner.

There are different galleries which display animals, birds and plants along with their habitats, found in different eco-regions, ranging from the alpine heights to the seashores of Pakistan,an official said on Monday. He said that the Tethys Gallery provides visuals on Pakistan’s Salt Range via the rocks, fossils and minerals collected there.

In addition, a 3D diorama of the Khewra Salt Mine is also available nearby, compelling locals and foreigners alike to visit the real location near Jhelum, Punjab. Gems found in their natural deposits from all four provinces of the country, are displayed in both raw and polished forms in the Gemstones Gallery.

He further told about the Eco Gallery which depicts rock formations, as well as the food webs and life-cycles of animals. Another exciting display is a huge tree trunk, with annual rings that show its age and the weather conditions in which it grew. The Palaeo Gallery features fossils collections from all over Pakistan, some of them almost 650 million years old.

He said that the institution is committed to a dynamic learning experience, which is reflected through the recently launched, state-of-the art Virtual Orientation Gallery. This is an interactive portal for young visitors to gain more information on the exhibits through games and creative layouts. And while this is a good initiative, the museum can certainly benefit from creating more activities and hands-on learning experiences for its younger audience.

Many tourists visit on a daily basis to see and learn the natural history of Pakistan, he stated.

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