POL prices remain unchanged for July

ISLAMABAD 1st July: The government has declared not to increase the prices of petroleum products for the month of July. A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance late on Sunday stated that the prices of June shall prevail.

The  Ogra had initially recommended to the authorities a reduction of Rs0.77 per liter in the price of petrol and a raise of Rs2.30 per liter in the HSD price for July, 2019.

The regulator also had initially proposed an increase of Rs0.26 per litre in the charges levied on light diesel oil (LDO) and a reduction of Rs2.94 per litre in the price of kerosene oil.
On the other hand, the regulator has issued a statement to increase gas prices by 168 % for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, effective from July 1.

According to the notification, the authority has estimated Rs121 per MMBTU for domestic consumers using up to 0.5hm3 gas per month, Rs300 per MMBTU for users of up to 1hm3, Rs553 per MMBTU for up to 2hm3, Rs738 on consumption of up to 3hm3, Rs1,107 and Rs1,460 per MMBTU for consuming up to 4hm3 and above 4hm3 respectively.

the details of the previous slab will still be visible to the consumer in future bills as well.

For government and semi-government offices, hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, government guest houses, armed forces messes, langars (free food distributions), universities, colleges, schools and private educational institutions, orphanages, and other charitable institutions along with hostels and residential colonies to whom gas is supplied through bulk meters including Captive Power, Ogra has fixed all off-takes at flat rate of Rs780 per MMBTU, with minimum charges of Rs4,680 per month.

There will be a new billing setup for commercial sector, the authority has already determined all off-takes at flat rate of Rs1,283 per MMBTU for all such organizations registered as commercial businesses with local bodies or selling consumer items for direct commercial sale.

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