Police capture car burglars

Islamabad , 12th July: Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) has busted the gang of inter provincial car lifters and held four vehicle thieves including a buyer and recovered 12 cars and four motorcycles .
During special operations ,ACLC of Islamabad police raided the den of the gang and arrested Hashim Khan, Umair Ishaq, Wasim and Samar Gul .
The police has recovered vehicles of different make and models including bearing registration numbers GAX-7358, RIS-4382, KE-990, R-7738, KB-397, IDK-214, LWF-2515, LWE-8999, UT-574, IDS-760, LEA 2841, GK-630 from their custody.
In addition to this ACLC has also recovered motorbikes bearing registration numbers AHZ-561, AQL-482, RIP-3961 and FDL-3324.
During the course of  initial interrogation the accused have confessed of stealing cars and motorcycles from the areas of Karachi Company, Khanna, Industrial Area, Golra, Sabzi Mandi and Margalla of federal capital  Islamabad and district Lahore and Wazirabad of Punjab . Police has speeded up the raids for the arrest of the remaining member of the gang
DIG(Operations)Islamabad has announced the cash prizes and merit certificates for the raiding party who held the car lifters’ gang.

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