Police find evidence in Noor Muqaddam murder case

Lahore, 22nd July: Police have collected evidence from the murder scene of Noor Muqaddam, the daughter of an ex-diplomat in Islamabad and sent it to the forensic laboratory.

According to details, a bloody knife, a pistol and more than 100 bullets have been recovered from the spot. Samples of blood on the knife and the blood of the victim were sent to the laboratory for matching.

Police have recorded the statements of the parents of the accused and statements of two security guards of the accused’s house.

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SSP Investigation Atta-ur-Rehman while giving a press conference said that the accused is in the custody of the police and investigation is underway.

SSP revealed that the accused Zahir Jaffer was arrested on the spot. IG Islamabad visited the spot and met the victim’s family.

SSP Rehman informed that police have recorded the statements of two security guards of the Jaffer’s house, a pistol and bullets were recovered but no firing took place, the forensic team said. All the evidence has been collected from the spot. 

Noor Muqaddam Murder Case: What Actually Happened?

SSP Ata-ur-Rehman said that the accused was not intoxicated at the time of arrest, the crime record of the accused was checked across the country. We have nothing to do with whether the accused remained in the rehabilitation center or not. We have no details of any case against the accused in the past. Hence, no pistol was fired from the recovered pistol.

People on social media stand together for #JusticeForNoor

It is pertinent to mention that a case of murder of Noor Muqaddam, daughter of former ambassador of Pakistan Shaukat Ali Muqaddam has been registered in Kohsar police station, police said.

It is to be noted that Zahir Jaffer has been booked on charges of premeditated murder for allegedly brutally murdering the daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat in Islamabad, it occurred on Wednesday.

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