Police rescues four abducted girls from Hanjarwal

Arrests their abductors

Lahore: Police has rescued four abducted girls from Hanjarwal and arrested their abductors Qasim, Shehzad, Naeem Shehzad, Asif and Shaukat Ali.

Talking to media, DIG Investigation Shariq Jamal said that on the night of July 30/31, the girls left the house being angry with their parents and boarded the Orange train and got off at Gulshan-e-Ravi stop.

A Ching Chi rickshaw driver and his companion kept walking on the roads with the girls and at 3 o’clock in the night the girls made a noise and forced their way down the Pindi stop.

Qasim alias Kashi (autorickshaw driver) took the four girls from Pindi stop to his house in Bagrian Chowk.

Rickshaw driver Qasim broke the mobile phone SIM used by them and kept negotiating with his friend Shehzad about selling the girls.

The next day, Shahzad (car driver) took the girls in his car to Shahzad’s house near Yateem Khana, and on the night of 01/02 August, the accused Qasim and Shahzad took the girls to Sahiwal.

The girls went to Sahiwal with the rickshaw driver Qasim and his wife and they handed them over to Naeem Shehzad alias Sono and kept them at Asif’s house with the intention to sell off the girls.

Accused Qasim handed over a girl to car driver Shehzad and his wife for Rs 100,000.