Politics is not the name of insulting behavior


Elements of suaveness, nobility and decency are rapidly disappearing from our politics and have been replaced by slander, manipulation and scuffles, the manifestations of which have been visible from the time of the Senate elections to the premises of the Lahore High Court (LHC). It is seen that eggs and ink have been hurled at Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs (SAPM) Shahbaz Gill, by some supporters and workers of the opposition in the last few days. This move is a reflection of the hatred and intolerance embedded in our politics which ordinary workers learn from the fierce statements of their party leaders. There was a similar incident in Musharraf’s tenure which was termed as hatred of dictatorship. Can this incident be interpreted as an aversion to democracy? Misconduct is outlandish in politics yet politics is the name of tolerance, but our political leadership has never tried to make its workers aware of the ideological and ethical rules and regulations. On the contrary, its statements and speeches have led to such violent behavior among the workers which can be harmful not only to politics but also to society and the country.

It has been the practice of our political leadership to inflame the sentiments of the workers to achieve their nefarious goals. Maryam Nawaz had said on the clash of political workers during the Senate election that we would respond to one slap with ten slaps and one abuse with ten fits of abuse. Maryam Nawaz’s vengeful statement is behind the workers who threw dirty eggs, ink and shoes at Shahbaz Gill. However, the important aspect of this incident is that you will do as you please. Similarly, when the PML-N was in government and such attacks were made on its leaders then they used to say that everything was being done by PTI. Today PTI is facing these conditions and they are blaming the opposition political parties if the PTI has been filling the void and if the PML-N is doing such a thing today, why do they forget that it could happen to them in the future, and even more so, because the wheel of time keeps turning.

It doesn’t take long for time to change in politics, but, unfortunately, that the political leadership has sworn not to learn from the changing times. They were doing politics for their own interests yesterday, and even today their priority is in person rather than the people. Our political leaders and political parties have only eggs, shoes and ink left to give to the people and political opponents. If this is all that is left and this is what is to be given, then Allah is the Hafiz (Guardian) of this system because, in a society where only abuses, shoes are left to give to others- dreaming of a better future or chanting slogans of change is tantamount to deceiving oneself, progress would be difficult in societies where strife is encouraged, the same societies thrive where people have to give to each other prosperity, good ideas, polite behavior and the truth is preached. It is not difficult to estimate the inferiority of a society where shoes, eggs and ink will be thrown publicly on the face.

There is no doubt that our society is suffering from political and moral degradation. All such incidents of political misconduct in the last few years show our political and moral degradation. Unfortunately, this process is not going to stop because our politicians have nothing to give to the people instead they can only give lies, oppression, injustice, looting, corruption, extremism, intolerance, hatred and accusations and give it all in bulk. I wish that if the opposition has taken the wrong approach, then the government has enough time to think about how to end this extremism and hatred, how to tolerate intolerance and turn cruelty into mercy. Until the government and the opposition start thinking on these constructive lines, the problems of Pakistan and the Pakistani people will never be solved.

The time has come for our political leaders and workers to abandon negative politics instead of burying morality; otherwise, every political worker wears a shoe and can hold ink in his hand. God willing, if this custom becomes common then any political leader will not be able to save his face from shoes and ink. Politics is not a name for insulting behavior, there is a democratic way of expressing likes and dislikes in politics, and if the workers of political parties or the people want to express hatred towards a party or a party leader. Instead of committing any kind of immoral act, adopt a democratic attitude and instead of misusing ink, use it correctly and reject the wrong people by voting. This is also the best democratic revenge in politics.


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