Politics & Marketing

Identification of needs and wants is known as marketing.

In modern times, humans have created different products. To introduce these products to the masses, they have used the tool called Marketing. As a result, these products are now in your homes and have a very deep connection within your lives. Whether you can buy them or have a desire to buy those products.

Those who are so-called experts of marketing teach us to practice ethical marketing. The question here is that is there any relevance between ethics and marketing?

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Of course, not, marketing and ethics are two different things. Experts used marketing to position their products in the minds of consumers in such a way that they began to use them to their advantage and to enhance their status. Similarly, no brand wants its product to sell less than its competitor, so it uses every means at its disposal to damage its competitor’s products so that people can leave its competitor and adapt its brand. All this can be achieved through unethical marketing.

During the Fifth Generation Warfare, people were marketed in politics, such as Donald Trump, Modi, Imran Khan, and so on.

A marketing plan was developed in which social media cells of thousands of people were created and engaged. Imran Khan was made to sit on the prime time of TV shows. Media time of major TV channels of Pakistan was purchased, party songs were produced by famous singers.

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The most important strategy of this marketing plan was to establish Imran Khan against Nawaz Sharif, in which the best minds of Pakistan sat down and prepared a campaign against Nawaz Sharif and made Nawaz Sharif a thief or established him a corrupt person.

Exaggerated commitments were made to the public as a marketing strategy, such as five million houses, one crore jobs, Pakistan’s debt relief, do not reach out to the IMF, people’s from abroad will come to Pakistan to get a job.

Making the impossible possible without an execution plan is the perfection of marketing, which is being called ethical marketing.

A form of marketing called brand positioning, with the help of marketing specialists, they position Imran Khan the Messiah who can change the destiny of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s supporters also start liking immoral words like “your trousers will get wet”.

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This proves that with the help of marketing, such an image of Imran Khan was positioned in the minds of the people, which made even his immoral words seem moral to the people.

Some people used to call Imran Khan a huge established brand, but to create a politically positive image, they had to resort to unethical marketing (marketing was needed to market itself).

Marketing is an art that makes the unimportant important. So make marketing an important pillar of your life and create wonders in this world.

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