Poverty, Unemployment the Biggest Problems facing Pakistan

Poverty and unemployment are the biggest problems in Pakistan. There are three types of social classes in Pakistan. One is the elite who have all kinds of facilities from which they can live a better life. Then there is the middle class, which is a little above the poverty line, and the third category of poverty that cannot even eat two meals a day. Unemployment which is a global problem is also found in rich and developed countries like the USA, UK, France, and Germany.

Unemployment is considered a social evil in society that further leads to more complex situations such as starvation. This economic poison spreads to the whole society and has the power to turn even good citizens who respect the law into criminals and robbers. It spreads corruption, lies, evils, and reveals the darker side of the human character, through an unemployed man. It becomes impossible to expect nobility and honesty from such a man who is struggling to provide even a two-course meal for his wife and children. How can we a noble character from him when he cannot afford medicine for his illness?

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Thereby, poverty and unemployment are considered to be the greatest weakness and incompetence of a state. Unemployment leads to dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction leads to political, economic, and social unrest and feelings of deviation from obedience to the government. Emergence and then revolt arises from political hatred.

Why has the government of Pakistan failed to eradicate poverty completely?

There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is unemployment and at the same time the low rate of education. Those who are educated but unemployed also have to resort to intercession and bribery. And for those who cannot rely on intercession and bribery, it is difficult to find jobs. In some places, young people are committing suicide due to poverty caused by unemployment.

While some turn to a life of crime, others become addicted to drugs and ruin their lives. But the sad thing is that our ministerial advisers are busy polishing their politics. They have no interest in the common people. Who are living who are dying; they only have time for their politics.

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In our society, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The biggest class of poverty is crossing the lower level and this is the reality. Self-immolates with children, the father goes to the river with his wife and children. But the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are drowning in a dream. Everyone is watching this spectacle as if it is a drama or a scene from a movie. Unemployment can be reduced if the work is done and the poor are given jobs by teaching them valuable skills.

Then there are the questions of how poverty can be eradicated. If the rulers work with a plan to eradicate poverty from the country, then some planning has to be done. Homes should be built and at the same time skills should be taught, make both men and women, skilled. Women can reduce their poverty by working at a household level or should be given employment on a small scale.

Also, education and treatment should provide free housing for government and private sector employees. Land should provide to the landlord class, people should give interest-free loans on easy installments for business, poverty alleviation as well as existing. The economic and political system will also change.

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Democracy will come in the broadest form under the constitution and law in which the people will do the basic work by themselves. When the rulers come to ask for votes, they make big claims. When they reach the upper house after winning the vote. They are the first to forget their voters and supporters and become aloof to the things that need to get done. It is true that the public is used only for voting and after reaching power they are forgotten.

People forget hunger will dance in the neighborhood of the rich. But the rich will never like to see the house of the poor. Will, there be only fleshy people in our society, humanity is dead, how did we become so insensitive, we are the Muslims of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Why are the Muslims of Pakistan so indifferent, why can’t they see anyone but ourselves, wake up, people of the homeland, wake up! I pray that once poverty is eradicated from our country. Then no one, including children, commits suicide due to hunger. May Allah Almighty eradicate poverty from our country. And may our Muslim brothers and sisters, elderly children live a life of peace and comfort. May all the dreams adorned in their eyes come true. Ameen.

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This write-up has been written by Zahid Kubadani who can be reached at @Z_Kubdani

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