Power-hungry ‘Modi’ criticized for sowing poisonous seeds of hatred against minorities: Mushaal Malick

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP): Mushaal Malick, the wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik on Thursday criticized power-hungry Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for sowing seeds of poison of hatred against the minorities and demanded the world to take serious notice of worst human rights violations in India and Indian Held Kashmir.

Talking to private news channel, she criticized extremist minded Modi for following ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as it is causing great threat to rights of Muslims and other minorities in India adding, he must quickly resign from his seat due to his inability to run his government efficiently.

The sufferings of Kashmiris at the hands of India have been acknowledged by the world and its our responsibility to convince them to take notice of worst human rights violations in Held Kashmir.

Extremist Indian government is destabilized the regional peace and wants to destabilize balance of power in the region as well, she added.

Modi-led Indian government must play a role of a responsible state for establishing regional peace and stability for the sake of humanity, she urged.

She said Indian government cannot detain brave Kashmiris for long and I can see a difficult situation coming ahead that will be out of control for Modi sarkar.

Mushaal Malick said the Hurriyet leadership is continuously under house arrest which is adding anger among Kashmiri people.

Kashmiris are determined to get their inalienable rights at all costs, she assured.

It is fifth Kashmiri generation that have been resisting against Indian worse brutalities.

India is frustrated as it has realized that Kashmiris will never step back from their right of freedom, she said.

There is need of collective effort to pressurize India to stop atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir, she said, adding, Modi is making inhuman decisions and killing the rights of minorities in India.

She said the people of Kashmir are under continuous siege and Modi government is registering fake cases against Kashmiri people.

“The founding fathers of the RSS believed in fascist and racist ideologies and killed even their popular leader Mahatma Gandhi after independence “, she added.

She urged the international community to look into the situation and warn Prime Minister Narendra Modi of dire consequences.

She further feared that it is an alarming erosion of democracy that may end up targeting not just minorities including Kashmiris but any dissenting “insiders as well.

There are sane voices in India who are raising Kashmir issue and criticizing the government for anti-Muslim policies, Mushaal added.

The international media has exposed India’s malicious acts of violating international laws and committing worst atrocities in the held valley, she said.

India curbs rights of minorities:Mishal Malik


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