PPP will have to respond to the show cause notice, Nawaz Sharif’s message from London 


PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, while reacting to his party’s victory in the Daska election in London, said that on this victory I congratulate the brothers, sisters and all the workers of Daska. He said that the slogan of honoring the vote has actually won this victory. This slogan has now become the slogan of the entire Pakistani nation. It has been fully adhered to by the people of Daska.

Expressing great happiness over the victory of PML-N in Daska, Mian Nawaz Sharif said that if free and fair elections had taken place, PML-N would have had a lead of up to one lakh. But then overcoming all the hurdles, obstacles has really honored the vote. “I did not say that,” he said. Rather, I am speaking according to my experience.

The journalist asked Nawaz Sharif that those responsible for the abduction of the presiding officer in Daska shouldnt be punished? In response, Nawaz Sharif said that it was a matter of time before justice was served on every case and FIR. He said that time does not remain the same. It will all come to an end.

Asked about the future of PDM, he said that PDM gave correct show cause notice. Why did PPP make the person of the establishment, the Leader of the Opposition? This is very surprising. And it is right to ask for an answer.

A question was asked that if a deal has been struck with the PPP establishment and why the notice was torn down. In response, he said that tearing up notices would not solve the problem. Similarly, the UN resolution has been torn down. You know I wouldn’t say anything on that.

Things don’t work out that way. The way Zardari is leading the party. They have to answer.

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