PPP will take clean sweep in Sindh, if all factions of MQM do not unite

Lahore, 4th June: If all factions of MQM do not unite, then in the next elections, Karachi and Hyderabad will fall into the hands of PPP.

According to reports, senior journalist and analyst Mubasher Lucman has portrayed the political situation in Sindh in such a way that there is a great possibility that this prediction will be fulfilled.

Informing the political parties of Sindh on the social networking site Twitter, Mubasher Lucman said that if MQM Pakistan, Pak Sarzamin Party (PSP), Farooq Sattar and other factions unite, then the existence of MQM will not be seen in the next elections.

While describing the political scenario, Lucman wrote that if there was a situation of disagreement, the PPP would conduct a clean sweep in Karachi and Hyderabad in the coming local body elections.

While observing the current situation, Mubasher Lucman said that in case of disagreement, PPP will conduct a clean sweep in 4 districts of Karachi and other parties in the remaining three districts seem to be successful, which will result in endangering the existence of MQM in Sindh.

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