Preparations continue for a tough lockdown in France?

Baaghi TV (19th March, 2021, 4:30 pm): Preparations have been completed for a month-long lockdown in the French capital, Paris, as the country fears a third wave.

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According to reports the French Prime Minister has said that these measures will not be as severe as in the previous lockdown, people will be allowed to go out and exercise. France has recorded more than 35,000 new infections in the last 24 hours. The prime minister added that the chances of a “third wave” of infection in the country were growing rapidly.

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Health Minister Oliver Verne said the situation in Paris was particularly troubling particularly with regards to 1,200 people being admitted to the intensive care, which is higher than the second wave in November.

Under the new measures, unnecessary businesses will be forced to close, but schools will remain open if they adhere to “special sanitary protocols”.

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Government spokesman Gabriel Attal stressed that there would be differences with the previous two lockdowns, adding that more details would be provided as to which businesses could remain open or closed.

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People will be allowed to go out for exercise at a distance of 10 km from their homes, however, they will not be allowed to travel across the country without a valid reason. Residents in the affected areas will need to fill out a form to explain why they have left their home.

A nationwide curfew will be maintained in France, during which more daylight hours will be observed.

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