President Alvi lauds the song ‘Diami Bahar’


Lahore, 15th July: President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi praises the song sung by the singer Hadiqa Kiani for Kashmiris and their struggle.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, while praising the song sung by Hadiqa Kiani, President Alvi appreciates the renowned singer Hadiqa Kiani for singing a soulful song on the Kashmir’s Martyr’s Day.

YouTube removes Hadiqa Kiani’s song on Kashmir


On her Instagram account, Hadiqa Kiani has shared a picture of Dr. Arif Alvi’s message of appreciation on which it is written that this is a great song that reflects the years of struggle of the oppressed people of Kashmir. Inshallah, the dreams of Kashmiris, as told in this song, will come true one day.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that this is a heartwarming song. He said that the oppression and killing of Kashmiris by India will end and Kashmir will be free.

Hadiqa Kiani wrote a thankful post to the President’s appreciative note and expressed, “I am very grateful to all the people who liked this song and supported me.”

Hadiqa wrote: “I am a singer, all I can do is use this platform to raise awareness for these people through my voice.”

Hadiqa Kiani’s heart-touching tribute on Kashmir Martyr’s Day

She said, ” However we can not stop with just a song, we need to let Kashmiri voices be heard. We need justice, peace, and love.”

She thanked the President for liking her song and wished that the other world leaders should also join and give Kashmiris their rightful freedom. She stressed on the need for a resolution for the oppressed people of Kashmir.

It may be remembered that Hadiqa Kiani sang a song on the Kashmir Martyr’s Day celebrated on the 13th of July. However, the next day it was reported by the singer that YouTube removed her song from their forum.


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