President Joe Biden assures Israeli Prime Minister of US support

May 18, 2021: BaaghiTV reports that US President Joe Biden has come out in support of Israel over the attacks on Gaza. “Israel has the right to defend itself in response to rocket attacks, no matter what the world says, we are with you,” Biden said in a telephone conversation with the Israeli prime minister.

However, the US senators have issued a joint statement in which 28 members of the US Senate have called for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

Criticizing the Israeli aggression on Palestine and the US President’s statement, Alhan Omar, a female member of Congress, said that the delay in supporting the ceasefire led to the loss of lives. She said she can feel the pain of every child in Palestine who hides in his bed out of fear of what may happen at the hands of the occupying forces. The president must now push for an end to Israeli occupation.

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