President Trump to hand over his powers to the elected president

Washington, 24th November:  The General Services Administration, the agency responsible for administering the US government, has reportedly acknowledged Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential election. 

According to White House sources, President Donald Trump has also instructed the GSA to begin preparations for the transfer of power, but at the same time, he has reiterated his continued resistance.

It is also learned that GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has written a letter to newly elected President Joe Biden in this regard in which she said that her decision to recognize Biden’s victory in the presidential election was based on law and available evidence.

Murphy said in his letter that he was not under any direct or indirect pressure from the White House or any other agency to make that decision.

Biden’s virtual briefing was attended by two retired US generals, seven former diplomats and former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blanken.

Officials say Emily Murphy’s decision to recognize Biden’s victory appears to have been made after President Trump’s attempts to challenge the vote in states where the two candidates competed.

Election officials in Michigan officially declared Biden the winner in Monday’s election. President Trump’s election campaign, like many other states, has led to allegations of fraud in Michigan.

Shortly after Emily Murphy’s letter surfaced on Monday, President Trump announced on Twitter that he had instructed GSA administrator Emily Murphy and her team to work on the transfer in the country’s interest. Start working on the rules and regulations.

 He said he had asked his team to do the same. In another tweet, President Trump said he would continue the legal battle with full vigour and was confident he would succeed.

On the other hand, the newly elected US President Joe Biden has accelerated the process of selecting his cabinet members before taking oath on January 20. The demand to start and recognize Joe Biden’s victory is gaining momentum.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who has resigned from the state of Tennessee, has said that President Trump should give priority to the country first and that he should cooperate with the Biden administration.

Lamar Alexander has called for the transfer of power several times before. Similarly, Republican Senator Rob Portman from the state of Ohio on Monday asked the head of the GSA to release funds for the transfer of power.

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