Press Release: PHC closes down 8 quackery outlets

LAHORE – The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Friday has closed down eight quackery outlets.

The PHC teams visited 35 treatment centres, and sealed outlets of five general quacks, two fake dentists and one homoeopathic clinic. These included Dental Hygiene Clinic, Muzammal Dental Clinic, Fatima Medical Centre, Zarina Munir Welfare Clinic, Adil Clinic, Doctor Medical Centre, Al-Hamed Medical Store and Waqar Homoeo Clinic. Also, businesses were found to have been changed on the majority of the shuttered down centres.

The spokesperson of the PHC said that a robust anti-quackery campaign was being carried out across the province. “So far, the Commission has sealed over 20,600 business centres of quacks, which includes 4,813 of Lahore,” he added.

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