Pressure horn sound continues to haunt residents


ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Use of pressure horn has become an order of the day in the federal capital due to negligence of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) that seems to be at its wits’ end to halt the ongoing malpractice.

Capital dwellers’ seeking strict action against the violators said they were paying heavy price for ITP slackness as pressure horns’ usage continued to play with eardrums, besides irritating them.

“Gone are the days when Islamabad was known as serene and Eco friendly city….now the situation has totally changed with growing impatience among the youth,” Shahzad a resident of sector G-7 said while urging the authorities concerned to tighten the noose around pressure horns users in the city.

“I am dismayed that in addition to air pollution we are now being tortured by noise pollution, almost every public and private vehicle has pressure horn that is against the law, he said while blaming the authorities who were reluctant to do over the issue,” said Kashif Abbas, a senior citizen.

“It seems that blowing pressure horns has become a culture among drivers, especially those of heavy vehicles, including private buses.

They find some satisfaction in using multi-tone pressure horns,” he added.

The motorists were not even hesitate blow horns in strictly prohibited zones, especially near hospitals, residential areas and educational institutions, daily commuters standing near Faizabad bus stop complained.

“We often witness drivers of private buses in a hurry.

They drive buses at high speed. To find a way to overtake vehicles, they frequently use pressure horns.

While doing so, they not only violate traffic norms, but also cause a lot of noise pollution,” they added.

Babar, a school teacher said ITP should show same kind of commitment that it exhibited over the use of helmets by motorbike riders.

The awareness campaigns should also be launched especially on print and electronic media over the harmful effects of pressure horns, he suggested.

According to health experts, noise pollution may lead to serious illness like irritation, hypertension, tinnitus, sleeping disorder and paralysis.

While contacted, SSP (Traffic) Farrukh Rashid said, ITP had launched a campaign as the noise pollution affects the nerves and injurious to human health, therefore, strict action would be taken against those installing pressure horns.

Sharing details of the police performance in previous month, he said that pressure horns from hundreds of vehicles were removed by the police teams, besides plenty tickets were issued to their drivers.

“It is our aim to make Islamabad a noise pollution free city and no stone will be left unturned to stop this practice,” he added.

In response to a question he said, the ITP education wing would organize a programme to sensitize the drivers about the harms caused by using pressure horns.

Rashid said students of various schools and colleges were also being engaged in such activity to discourage the practice.

The SSP appealed the citizens to contact ITP’s helpline 1915 or 051-9261192-93 to lodge complaints against those using pressure horns.

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