Pressure Mounts on Modi Govt to Impose Nationwide Lockdown

India: With the coronavirus situation in India spiralling out of control, pressure mounted on the Narendra Modi-led government to impose a strict nationwide lockdown. In the last 24 hours, the country, for the first time witnessed more than 4,000 deaths and over 4 lakh daily cases for the fourth consecutive time in a week. Several medical experts, Opposition leaders and Supreme Court judges have asked the government to implement lockdown as it seems to be the only option with the virus spreading across cities and towns, which hospitals are running out of oxygen, beds.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in his letter to PM Modi, suggested that the government should not be concerned about the economic impact of the lockdown as the human cost of the spread of the virus would have tragic consequences for the people. Launching a scathing attack on the Centre, Gandhi said that ‘GOI’s failures have made another devastating national lockdown almost inevitable’.

“Your government’s lack of a clear and coherent Covid and vaccination strategy, as well as its hubris in declaring premature victory as the virus was exponentially spreading, has placed India in a highly dangerous position: today the disease is growing explosively. It is currently on the verge of overwhelming all of our systems. GOI’s failures have made another devastating national lockdown almost inevitable,” he told PM Modi.

Echoing similar remarks, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said that pan-India shutdown can help in breaking the chain of COVID-19 if planned properly. “The second wave is staring us in the face- Experts and doctors believe that how much ever we prepare we are already facing shortage of oxygen, medicines and other equipment, soon we may run short of medical staff as well,” he stated in a series of tweets.