Pressure to surrender to Israel, PM’s ideological response

Islamabad: There is pressure to recognize Israel, Prime Minister’s ideological response. According to reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that countries with very close ties to Pakistan are pressuring him to recognize Israel.

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According to sources, in an exclusive interview with a private TV channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan was being pressured to recognize Israel and restore relations with it but, Pakistan will never recognize the Jewish state until the Palestinian issue is resolved.

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According to sources, Imran Khan was asked which countries are putting pressure? To which Imran Khan said, “Leave this question, these things are not important, we have very good relations with these countries. Our economy is still trying to get back on its feet, but I have no other opinion on the issue of Israel”.

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In a private TV interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan, referring to the opposition, said, “There is information against them. They are involved in treason against the country, but you cannot take the case to court unless you have evidence to prove it, and the court accepts. Because, you can’t go to court on the agencies report”. He added that isn’t a person who is targeting the Pakistani army and ISI chief by name is not speaking the language of India? Is India our benefactor? Don’t we see that there is a conspiracy all over the world that no Muslim can run a powerful country?

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Referring to the cases against the opposition, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that they were saying that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should be abolished so that their cases could be disposed off. When they come to power in the country, they follow a system of making money, they want to make money and not get caught, all the cases are made by these two parties against each other, we did not make any cases. Asif Zardari was imprisoned because of Nawaz Sharif, in our time only Shahbaz Sharif was prosecuted. “Even if my government leaves, I will not leave them until the money is returned,” he added.

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