Prices of 17 Items Including Sugar, Flour, Chicken Go Up

A weekly report on inflation has been released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, showing the increase in prices and inflation in the recent week.

According to the report, inflation continues to rise in the country, increasing by 0.67% in recent weeks. Statistics show that prices of 17 items including sugar, flour, chicken, garlic, beef, mutton, cooking oil, and ghee rose in the recent week.

The data released by the Bureau of Statistics shows that the price of live chicken has increased by Rs. 23.18 per kg, making the average price of chicken cost rs 199.20 per kg and sugar by Rs. 1.76 per kg, making the average price of sugar has going up to Rs. 107.41 per kg.

This week, the 20 kg bag of flour became has become costlier by Rs. 27.14 per kg to Rs. 1164.22, dal lentils by Rs 7.22, ghee by Rs. 3.18 per kg, onions by Rs. 3.18 paise, and garlic by Rs. 13.81 per kg. Eggs have also become more expensive by Rs. 5.15 per dozen.

Despite that, however, 8 essential commodities including tomatoes became cheaper by 89 paise per kg, bananas by Rs. 4.62 per dozen, dal moong by Rs. 2.63, and potatoes by 28 paise per kg this week.

According to statistics, prices of 26 items remained stable in the recent week while the total rate of weekly inflation was recorded at 12.53%.

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