Problems of girls empowerment in Pakistan and way forward

We live in a country, where our ancestors were very strict in following traditions and norms when it comes to women.

For example, this is the age of globalization and the internet. Whatever you wanted to do you can do it on the internet, you can sell your ideas as a consultant, you can sell your products, you can sell your skills.

They don’t allow a girl to study, work or spend time in an environment where there is male dominancy. But some girls convince their parents to achieve their goals.

Then there are some girls who are allowed to work but don’t have any direction, they wanted to start a business but they lack in taking a step. They should discuss their mind with some mentors because mentors are very important they help in taking decisions.

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Then there are some girls who have direction and clear plans but they lack investment. There are a number of institutions in Pakistan that provide investment like Akhuwat and Saylani they should find institutions to get loans or Qarz e Hasana.

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There are some girls who cannot get permission and decided to leave behind their dreams. These girls shouldn’t quit, these girls should make SMART DREAMS (option b) to do something because you made dreams to accomplish and if you think your parents will not allow you then you should work on your dreams in a way that is expectable to your parents.

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Then there are some girls who wanted to start a business but don’t have any investment. I know some businesses that can be initiated with zero or less investment. Like Tourism, Online Teaching, Home Cooked Food, etc.

Covid-19 brought unemployment in the world and only those are surviving who were working online or doing freelancing or anywhere online. Everyone is working from home and this thing can be taken as an opportunity for females that they can earn by sitting at home as everyone is already sitting at home. Those girls who make excuses that they are not allowed to go outside the home to earn should consider the opportunity of earning and doing business online.

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