Prohibition on purchasing Actemra injections for COVID-19 patients

Lahore, 10th June: The purchase of Actemra injections has been banned for critically ill patients of COVID-19.

According to a report of Baaghi TV, Corona Expert Advisory Group has issued the SOPs regarding the Actemra Injection. The Department of Primary and Secondary Health has banned hospitals from purchasing Actemra Injection.

If a hospital wants to buy an injection, it will inform as needed. The decision to use Actemra in DHQ, THQ will be made by the Corona Expert Advisory Group. An expert is needed to prescribe and inject the corona patient.

Primary and Secondary Health Care Punjab has issued a letter to the heads of all hospitals.

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A few weeks ago, the life-saving injection for corona patients cost Rs 25,000 per injection. Ever since it was prescribed for COVID patients, its price in the market in Pakistan has gone up from Rs 300,000 to Rs 400,000.

The benefits of Actemra injection has been seen. We are going to try it on a much larger scale than the rest of the world. The trial on 1000 patients has been given formal permission by the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Remember that not everyone is allowed to inject the Actemra, a certain criterion must be obtained before using it. Its misuse can be harmful.

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