Protesters enter White House, Trump moved to a safe place

New York, 1st June: The protesters in the US have entered White House, when a black man George Floyd died after he was attacked by a white Minneapolis police officer on the neck.

Baaghi TV reports that protests over the killing of a black man have spread across the United States to the White House with continued violent clashes.

Protest against the killing of a black man in the United States have entered its sixth day. Curfews have been imposed in 25 cities, including the US capital, Washington. Tear gas has been used to disperse protesters near the White House.

It is reported that one person was killed and several others were injured in a shooting at Indiana Police.

In other US states, more than 1,500 people have been arrested, police used tear gas to disperse the crowd, and several vehicles and shops, including police mobiles, have been set on fire in various states.

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There are clouds of smoke and chaos everywhere in the United States. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

According to US media, when the protesters entered the White House, US President Donald Trump was taken to the underground bunker built in the White House, where he spent 60 minutes. The bunker in the oval office reportedly has been designed to protect US presidents from imminent threats such as terrorist attacks.

The report could not substantiate if the First Lady Melania Trump and the 14-year-old member of the Trump family–Barron Trump also took shelter in the security bunker.

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US President Donald Trump had said that if the protesters entered the White House, they would have to face bloodshed and security personnel, after which the protesters became more angry and barged in.

The protests named ‘I Can’t Breathe’ started after a black man George Floyd died after he was attacked by a white Minneapolis police officer on the neck.

The video of the attack that went viral showed Floyd repeatedly saying ‘I can’t breathe’. The protests that started in Minneapolis quickly swept across the country and also took violent turns.

The protestors have also started an online solidarity campaign for black Americans named #BlackLivesMatter.


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