Protests by the Opposition intensify outside Balochistan Assembly

Lahore, 18th June: The situation in Balochistan has worsened, where the opposition has united and armored police vehicles have arrived.

According to reports, barbed wire and canters have been installed by the government on Friday on several roads in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan.

Before the budget meeting in Quetta, the opposition has locked all four gates of the provincial assembly.

Police officials tried to open the assembly gate near the MPA hostel, which was met with bitter words from opposition members and police officials, however, they failed to open the assembly gate.

Meanwhile, sources said that an armored police vehicle hit and broke the gate of the Balochistan Assembly. There are also reports of bitter rhetoric and scuffles between Quetta, police and opposition members.

Leader of the Opposition in the Balochistan Assembly Malik Sikandar said that today we are the watchdogs of the Balochistan Assembly, we will not allow anyone to enter the Assembly and the government should present the budget.

Meanwhile, the budget session of the Balochistan Assembly has been delayed for more than half an hour. The budget session of the Balochistan Assembly was convened at 4 pm today.

It is also learned that MPAs Babu Rahim and Abdul Waheed were injured when the gate was broken. Assemblymember Ahmed Nawaz alleged that the police grabbed the MPA by the collar.

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