Protests sparked in journalist fraternity

Death of senior reporter shakes up journalist community

LAHORE (28th Nov, 2019): Sudden demise of senior reporter leaves journalist community shaken up. 

According to reports, the media industry is reportedly undergoing a tumultuous phase with working people either being sacked or working unpaid, and News One is no exception. It has become the norm for well-known media houses to hire senior reporters and media personnel at good packages without issuing them salaries for their work.

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This act has resulted in the death of senior reporter. Mr. S. M. Imran, was reportedly suffering from depression due to a lack of financial stability, resulting in his demise on Wednesday morning. It has been confirmed that he passed away from a heart attack.

According to reports, colleagues of the reporter have blamed their employers at TV One for the negligence to pay salaries stating that the deceased was undergoing severe depression and stress caused by delay in salaries.

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Moreover, it has been confirmed that journalists from different news channels have gathered to protest on the senior reporters’ sudden demise. It is also believed, that other employees of TV One have also not been paid their salaries for the past few months leading them towards depression and anxiety.

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