Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the welfare of the minority community is an important agenda of the PTI government, adding that it is sanguine that the minority community has played a commendable role in the development process of the country while enjoying equal rights as enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan.

These views were expressed by the Special Assistant to CM during her visit to catholic church regal chowk here on Wednesday. Dr Firdous said the PTI government is ensuring that the rights of the minority community are fully protected. She pointed out that a two percent quota has been reserved in higher education department for the first time and millions of rupees are being allocated for the provision of stipend to minority community students. Yuhanabad is being made a model city, she said.

The Special Assistant said the PTI is a harbinger of the rights of the minorities and is working to promote inter-faith harmony, brotherhood and unity in the country. On the other side, the economic policies of PM Imran Khan has bewildered the opposition and it is unnerved because of its dark political future. The opposition parties will face defeat in AJK elections and this is the reason that oppositon has started crying foul to hide its unpopularity among the voters.

Dr Firdous advised Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to look into his own peep before leveling allegations on the establishment. The PM has become a stumbling block in the corruption of opposition and the corrupt are affraid due to their defeat in next general elections, concluded the SACM.

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